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I've led large-scale redesigns, created design systems for complex product platforms, and carved out strategic, incremental design evolution despite the constraints of legacy systems.

Earlier work from my time as an individual UX design practitioner can be found here.


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  • Hire quickly

  • Find ways to expand the team's reach when you don't have reqs through agency partnerships

  • Inspire executive buy-in, philosophically and financially, on major design projects

  • Forge relationships in different organizations throughout the bank to make the concepts of human-centered design commonly understood and accessible

Redesigning the Interact Suite of marketing automation products and building out a lone wolf team into a diverse UX practice.

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Rebooting a defunct UX practice for and transitioning a marketing vehicle into a product experience.


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Rooting a financial institution with newfound design culture and building out a global online & mobile banking platform.

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“Where do ideas come from? From looking at one thing, and seeing another. From fooling around, from playing with possibilities, from speculating, from changing, pushing, pulling, transforming, and if you’re lucky, you come up with something worth saving, using, and building on. That’s where the game stops and the work begins.” 

-- Saul Bass

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