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Rebecca Marshall has been creating exceptional digital experiences since 1997. She has a talent for building teams and evangelizing the importance of design to non-designers within companies. Her philosophy is to position designers as equal and essential strategic partners in the product design and development process. She recently finished up four years doing just that for Silicon Valley Bank as they rebuilt their digital foundation. She loved the challenge and was able to build an amazing team who generate passion for SVB’s clients and evangelism within the bank for design thinking.


Rebecca started out as a Web producer, which led her to a brief stint in Product Management, ultimately landing on her passion in User Experience design. Her first design role was working on mobile and desktop experiences for Vodafone. She then cut her teeth on agency life at Razorfish for five years working on a variety of experiences for clients like Yahoo!, NASA, Visa, and Singapore Airlines. Rebecca went on to in-house roles where she has come to specialize in establishing and leading design teams and practices for companies who need to make UX a part of their DNA. 


In her spare time, Rebecca can be found checking out live music and film festivals, continuing her quest to dive in as many oceans as she can or out in her garden striving to make use of every succulent petal that falls.

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