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As a leader, my strengths are efficiently ramping up to new industries, detangling thorny business problems and translating them into design strategies and tactics, building teams from scratch or expanding nascent teams that need to get to the next level of maturity, and embedding design practices across an organization.


In a given day, I'm likely to be found:

  • Defining design visions that map to business strategies

  • Implementing streamlined UX team processes and cross-functional collaboration models

  • Breaking down visions into initiatives, projects, and research studies

  • Attracting great talent in order to build diverse teams

  • Mentoring and coaching designers at different levels of growth

  • Cultivating curiosity and exploration within my team and with my collaboration partners.

Between my earlier days as an individual design contributor and my 10 years as a design leader, I've created solutions for both B2C and B2B/Enterprise companies. The common thread to all my work has been my passion and ability to take complex service offerings and disparate customer bases and develop human-centered design solutions that serve both the business and the customer.

I'm completing a personal sabbatical and currently seeking new opportunities in or near San Francisco.

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